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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning (AC, Air Con) Fault Basic Codes

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Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim Split Systems Fault Basic

  1. Control Fault Codes

ER  Wiring between indoor and outdoor units crossed over
    No off indoor units exceeded
Eb  Wiring between indoor and outdoor units crossed over
EC  Start up timer
E6  Indoor/Outdoor transmission error (signal receiving indoor)
E7  Indoor/Outdoor transmission error (transmitting error)
E8  Indoor/Outdoor transmission error (signal receiving outdoor)
E9  Indoor/Outdoor transmission error (transmitting outdoor)
E0  Remote controller transmission error (signal receiving RC)
E3  Remote controller transmission error (transmitting RC)
E4  Remote controller transmission error (signal receiving indoor)
E5  Remote controller transmission error (signal receiving RC indoor)
EF  M-net Transmission error (indoor outdoor)
Ed  Serial transmission error outdoor
P1  Abnormality of room temp sensor indoor
P2  Abnormality of pipe temperature thermistor indoor
P4  Abnormality of drain sensor Indoor
P5  Manlfunction of drain up machine indoor
P6  Freezing/overheating protection defect indoor
P8  Abnormality of pipe temperature Indoor
P9  Abnormality of temperature thermistor/cond/evap Indoor
F1  Reverse phase detected
F2   L3 Open phase detected
F3  63L connector open
F4  49C connector open
F9  Connector 2 or more open
FA  L2 phase open or 51CM connector open
F7  Reverse phase detector circuit (printed board fault)
F8  Input Circuit Fault
U2  Abnormal high discharge temperature
U2  Inner thermostat
U1  Abnormal high pressure 63H worked/direct open circuit
UE  High Pressure (valve closed)
UL  low pressure sensor
UD  overheat protection
U6  Compressor over current overload cut out
UA  Compressor over current thermal relay operation
UF  Compressor over current start up locked
UH  Current sensor error
U3  Discharge thermistor short/open
U4  Outdoor thermistor Short/Open

Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim Split Systems Fault Basic

  1. Control Fault Codes

E0  Transmitting receiving signal error
P1   Intake air sensor abnormal
P2  Pipe sensor abnormal
P4  Drain sensor abnormal
P5  Malfunction of drain or overflow
P6  Abnormality of the coil frost/overheat protection
P7  System Error (address)
P8  Outdoor unit malfunction

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